Made to Order Program

Devon Maryn is now offering products that are made to order, or "printed on demand." This means some of our t-shirts and leggings are printed, cut, and sewn once they are ordered.  This program allows us to introduce new prints more frequently, respond quickly to trends, keep inventory costs down, and eliminate waste.

What does this mean for you? More of the Devon Maryn prints & products you love, more frequently!  You can also shop guilt-free with the knowledge that you're contributing to sustainable and ethical manufacturing (the fashion industry is responsible for 14 million tons of apparel waste every year - that's 80 pounds per person!)

Our "print on demand" t-shirts typically take between 4-10 business days to arrive to your door, and leggings 7-14 business days (trust us, they're worth it!)  All made to order products are returnable, and standard Devon Maryn return and exchange policies apply.

If you have questions about our made to order program, please email us at support@devonmaryn.com.