If you’re a fan of Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines, you’ll love Devon Maryn. Based out of Odenton, Md., about 30 minutes from Baltimore, owner and creator Devon Mish decided it was time for a cute, preppy brand of activewear to fit the personalities and styles of those in the Northeast — in particular, herself.
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Devon Maryn hit the market in 2014 after a year of planning, sketching, putting her designs into effect and finding someone to sew the pieces. The entrepreneur had the bug to create a new line of workout clothes that were cute and fun but not loud and crazy.

In an interview with the owner and creator of the brand, Devon Mish explained why she decided to enter the activewear market. “I had three kids and my youngest was maybe one. I was ready to commit to working out again and getting into a routine, so I went out to buy the cutest workout clothes. However, I didn’t find anything that I wanted. I wasn’t into Lululemon, and I didn’t just want the typical black yoga pants. So I decided to draw out some designs of what I would like to wear.”

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She started with shorts and expanded into yoga pants. She worked with a graphic designer to create six designs for both. Afterward, she had her family and friends look over them, and she received incredibly positive feedback. Then it came to the point where she had to get someone to make them — that was the hard part.

She didn’t know any manufacturers and just so happened to find one in Baltimore who could sew the sample, help her with each step and ultimately help her create the product. “It took about a year to get the product and a legitimate amount of inventory, but we launched in September 2014.”

“I wanted to start with a cohesive collection of shorts and pants. I wanted to give it a chance to see what people responded to, and the response has been awesome,” Mish said. Following the positive response, Mish has decided to move into shirts. Her plan is to roll out new prints twice a year.

“The cute stuff is limited,” she said. “I want to get people excited to work out and feel special to put it on. If I’m not wearing workout clothes, I’m wearing comfortable stuff, and this fits the best of both worlds.

She decided to name the company Devon Maryn, after her daughter Maryn. “Maryn means from the sea, and because so many of my designs have a nautical feel, I wanted something that would resemble that and sound unique.”


Her shorts retail for $55 and her yoga pants for $85. She wants everything that she makes to be under $100. If you are wondering why each piece costs what it does, it’s because they are made right here in the U.S.

Her focus for 2015? To get into more stores. Currently, Devon Maryn is in select stores and online. Mish is growing her company each and every day, and she plans to expand into shirts and swimwear.

"My goal, when I am designing this stuff, is that it needs to be cute, comfortable and something you can wear all day,” said Mish.

If you want to check out her line of activewear, add some to your closet and stay up-to-date with new additions, check out devonmaryn.com, where you can shop straight from her website or find a list of the stores that carry her line.