Polished & Pink

Posted on 14 November 2014

Fashion & fitness blogger Whitney of Polished & Pink took our Chevron yoga pants for a run!  

"I have always had a love for fitness and being outdoors, and I am so extremely picky about workout leggings/capris.  For one, I can't stand when a pair are low rise; running or hiking should not include having to pull up your pants.  And secondly, they must be thick but not too thick.  I can't stand see-through leggings/capris; they may be an affordable option, but saving $20 is not worth having people see your behind.  Lastly, they have to be cute and able to go with the rest of my workout wardrobe.  These workout capris are all of the things I look for when picking out the perfect pair of running bottoms.  The quality is not lacking in any area, the thick band is exactly what I like to keep them in place, and they have a hint of feminine perfection!"

Check out her full review here, and shop our Chevron leggings here!

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